Turnkey Web and Marketing employs the best in each respective field to offer you a one source solution to the complexity of the internet industry.


We know that you gifted and talented as you may be in your field of expertise. But how does that gift get shared with the world or even your local market. This is where TurnKey comes in. We acquire gifted individuals from around the world who specialize in each of their respective fields. We supervise them so that we offer only the highest level of customer service and retain their earnings in escrow until the job in completed to your satisfaction.

The Internet Industry generates over $1.4 trillion USD in revenue each year and is on a continuous growth pattern that will reach an estimated $5 Trillion USD by the year 2025.



Because we have employees all across the world, we can offer price competitive quotes with a quick turnaround time.


The complexity and the profit potential of this industry means that more is required than just creating an individual 3 page site. Proper Coding, Designing, SEO, and marketing is also required in order to create any sustainable profit. This is where we come in.


As a company, we understand the entire turnkey process for business growth and success.  We also realize that your success also leads to our success, we offer monitoring and consulting services as well so that you will always be kept informed on the latest and most secure technologies.

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