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Personal Information:

Have you ever applied to / worked for Company before?

If hired, are you willing to submit to and pass a controlled substance test?

Position and Availability:


Did you graduate?

If you're Graduated:

Attachment ( Resume, Your Portrait, Certificate etc. )

Required Information

When you complete an employment application, you will be required to provide your contact information, your work history including companies worked for, positions held, and starting and ending dates of employment, and your educational history.

You may also be asked to provide references. Here’s information on when companies may require references with a job application.

Make a List of the Information You Need to Apply

Before you start applying for a job, make a list of all the information you need to apply. If you have your work history and other information on hand, it will be easier to apply.

Review these tips for how to complete an employment application to get started.

Pre-Employment Testing

In some cases, you may be required to take a pre-employment test as part of the online application process. If a test is part of the application, you will be given with instructions for how to take it.

Legal Issues

It is important to know that when you sign or click online to submit a job application, you are verifying that all the information is accurate. If the information you provide is not correct, your application may not be considered or you could lose your job if you have already been hired.

Double check your application before you turn it in to be sure that it’s correct.

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