Logo Samples and Video Promo Samples

Logo Samples and Video Promo Samples provide your company with the tools needed to engage your audience quickly. As attention spans continue to shorten, More effective advertising is needed. Therefore, The industry has coined 2 terms. Logo Sample Intros and Logo Promotional Videos.

How Does Logo Samples and Videos work?

  1. You provide the logo samples, or We can customize customize your very own logo or logo samples for you.
  2. Find Logo samples video or promo videos that speak to you. for advice on effective logo designing, please visit our page.
  3. Order the logo samples product(s).

Turnkey Promo Sample

Turnkey Logo Sample

Instructions once you have Purchased your Logo samples or promo video samples

  • Email us your logo plus any text or adjustments you like to make. If your logo samples file size is too large, you can add it to
    • A Google Drive Folder
    • Likewise, a Dropbox Folder
    • A OneDrive Folder
    • Or if you prefer, any cloud service that you use.
    • Please grant permission for us to edit and download. Failure for us to have access to download your logo samples, may cause a delay in delivery.
    • To summarize, Just email us the link after you make your purchase.
  • Based on your purchase, add the custom music to your logo samples. If you upgraded.
  •  View your customized video. * Usually in 48 hours or less. With this in mind, we will send you a private youtube link to view the logo samples or promo sample video.
    • This link is not accessible to the public. Therefore only people with the link can view it. This allows you to send it to other coworkers or friends who would like to view or approve it before final delivery. Suggestions and  any adjustments can be done through email, Skype or live chat.
  • Once approved, we will send the video in MP4 format to you. If you need any other format, please specify in the initial order process. We deliver the Logo samples or promo videos back into the same cloud folder you set up for us. If you do not specify where to place your logo samples or promo video, we will email you a link to our cloud service for you to view or download.
  • Use as you see fit. If you require us to make additional custom videos, please feel free to get a custom quote or contact us.

Ways to Use Logo Samples and Promo Video.

  1. Social Media. Above all things, logo samples and promo  videos work very well  in the social media world. Besides, logo samples get the attention faster since social media viewers attention spans are so low.
  2. In your website. Logo samples catches the eye of your viewers. Retaining their interest and causing them to read further.
  3. Brand awareness. Logo samples creates a faster following than a business name or some fancy slogan. However, the retention of an image far surpasses that of any text. Logo samples provide a way for your customers to remember you.
  4. On YouTube. Even if you have enough storage on your website. It is wise to use third party services to host your video content. it is wise to know how to effectively use videos on your website. It is important to realize that this saves memory and bandwidth space on your website. As a result, this makes your website load faster. Besides, YouTube is good at adjusting its videos to work on every screen size imaginable. in conclusion, let them deal with the coding and managing of your videos. Besides, if you optimize  your YouTube page, This is another social media channel that can generate traffic to your website.
  5. Likewise in your Presentations. Logo samples and promo videos build strength and a level of professionalism.
    1. Like when you are making an internal presentation to your employees.
    2. Likewise making a presentation to a potential client
    3. Similarly, A presentation to fellow industries.
  6. As well as at trade shows or sponsored events. These events are flooded with advertisements and slogans. Effective Logo Samples and Promo Videos raises you above the crowd. Showing confidence and strength in your company.

On the contrary, create a completely Custom Logo Samples or promo videos

Of course, you have a vision for your logo samples or Promo Videos. Therefore, we can do custom work for you. Please feel free to get a quote. In conclusion, We take great care to create the logo samples and promo videos you need to help your business succeed.

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