Logo Promo Starter Package


Logo Promo Starter Package

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$499.00 $249.00

Logo Promo Starter Package. Unlimited Revisions and design concepts. All  from a pro graphic artist. Business card, Social Media, and stationary included.

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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

Logo Promo Starter Package

Our Logo Promo Starter Package offers:

  • Unlimited Conference calls. Meet with a professional graphic designer on on one to share what your  goals and visions are for your industry. We will meet with you as many times as needed until you are completely satisfied.
  • Unlimited Logo Promo Design Concepts and Revisions. Based on the meeting with our graphic designer. We will create a design concept based on the parameters you set up. again, your satisfaction is our goal.
  • Unlimited Sizes, Formats, and Social Media adjustments. Every social media site has different requirements for your logo. We will tailor your logo to fit on your website as well as the main social media platforms.
  • 1 Color Stationary Design. We will design a Logo Promo presentation flier or a letterhead in color tailored around your image.
  • 1 Black and White Stationary Design. We will design a Logo presentation flier or a letterhead. In black and white tailored around your image.
  • Business Card Design. We will design a Business Card  in color tailored around your image.

Starting at $249.95


Are you looking for a Logo Promo but are still unsure what you want. The Logo Promo Starter Package is exactly what you need to get your business off the ground. A Company Logo needs to be unique and portray what your company or organization is all about. In today’s world, a Logo design must also be digital and flexible. To show on any digital or printed material. Your Logo must also be flexible to fit on any screen size, Printed material, or any social media sites parameters. We will also assist you in the business card and stationary designs

First you meet with your very own graphic design specialist to go over your parameters and design Logo Promo ideas. We then create a Logo Promo based on this data. Once approved, we will provide multiple formats and sizes. Then register it online so that your logo is identifiable to the public.

Logos are a form of branding and marketing. according to the Washington Post, there are many pitfalls to avoid when branding your company. It should focus on your ideal clientele. Not focused on the masses of people out there that may never be interested in your product. Your Brand logos must also be adaptable to both Internet branding as well as print. Too simple or too complex, and the Internet viewer will look right past it. Therefore, this is why a graphic designer is vital to Brand Logos designs and marketing.


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