Social Media Branding Basic


Social Media Branding Basic

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Our Social Media Branding Basic offers weekly optimized blog postings with images. Daily Social Media Postings. And all the optimized images you need that is related to your content

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(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

Social Media Branding Basic

Our Social Media Branding Basic offers weekly optimized blog postings with images. Daily Social Media Postings. Including adding all the optimized images related to your content. This includes:

  • Weekly Blog Post. We will publish a weekly blog post. You provide the content. We will then adjust the wording and optimize it to make it SEO friendly. Based on the keywords you are trying to market. Some of our clients like to post their own blogs however they are not familiar on how to optimize. With this Social Media Branding Basic, we would go in and optimize your existing post and republish at the same 1 per week time frame. According to the NY Times. Create a loyal following of dedicated individuals interested in your product.
  • Daily Social Media Posting. Up to 4. We will take all of your published postings and spin it on a daily rotation. In order to effectively re use your articles, it is wise to update the content. It is also recommended that no article gets published more than once per every 3 months. Therefore, your social media campaign should offer enough content to properly spin the content. We can publish to:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Google plus | Instagram | VK| Instagram | Blogger | or any other of your choosing. 

  • Keyword Optimized. Based on the keywords you provide, we will optimize the articles and daily postings to reflect the key phrases you are looking to market. Optional  keyword research is available.
  • Also With Related Images. We will create Royalty  free images that fit the content you are creating. Enhance your Social Media Branding with Images. Our compressed images offer the shortest load times. And still looking good in HD. You will save hundreds of $$$ on this alone because each image will not have a copyright. You own the images. The Keyword optimized Images will expand your online exposure.
  • Free Live and Email Support. As always, we are here to assist you in your success. We take great pride in our ability to coach and teach others to successful websites.

  • Starting at $39 per month

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In Conclusion, We are dedicated to High Quality Ethical Search Engine Optimization and Web design. Therefore, we offer many A la Carte solutions or monthly plans to fit your websites needs including our Social Media Branding Basic. We are dedicated to offering only the best and latest in technological advancements in the total Turnkey way.


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